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May 9, 2011 by Chris TH
Not sure where to post for support on non-stardock games that are acquired through Impulse so Mods pls feel free to relocate this as appropriate...


The game seems to crash quite regularly after a short time of playing - just drops to the desktop with the usual win7 "close, search for solution..." dialog.


Some internet searching shows that there are updates available that address the crashing issue but so far only for the Steam version. Will these updates come to Impulse...
February 11, 2007 by Chris TH
Hoping to draw on the vast expertise of the WinCustomise userbase   ...

I'm looking for a task scheduler to run under WinXp or later that you can setup exceptions to the rule. To clarify:

I want to setup task(s) that run every Mon-Fri at certain times - this is easy and can be done in one line of crontab or windows scheduler, but for my needs there are certain days or more correctly dates (eg public/school holidays) on which these tasks musn't run.

To my mind it would be...
August 1, 2006 by Chris TH
I thought this made a nice contrast to Jafo's HDD thread

How would you go with more that one of these?
August 31, 2005 by Chris TH
Running SDC 2.10.343 Build 95

Upon starting SDC and logging into discussions all messages in the thread are accessible OK. Once SDC has been runnig for a bit and the auto update shows updated threads, the new messages are not displayed even though the 'Replies' count is updated and the thread title changed to the 'unread' (bold) state.

Resetting the list has no effect. Only closing SDC and restarting it seems to update the messages within the thread.

Anyone else seeing these issues?
May 27, 2005 by Chris TH
This one is really stumping me...

I run a laptop with XP Pro. Up until a few months ago it's only ever been connected to workgroup LAN environments. Then at work we installed a Win2003 server machine (to run some special business software) - it is NOT configured as a domain controller - i.e the workgroup environment is unchanged.

Since that time, my login takes anywhere up to 1.5 minutes regardless of whether it's connected to the LAN or not.

I verified this using Microsoft BootVis. ...
March 28, 2005 by Chris TH
Some interesting display effects that Mac users seem to be fond of, as an example:

There're more here: